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What Are Trap Beats?

Today the trap sound in hip hop music is a much more commercial and radio-friendly sound. Some of the significant pioneers of trap beat included the like of pioneers of trap music included Lex Luger, Shawty Redd and Zaytoven, Southside 808 mafia. 

Trap beats are just a sub-genre of hip hop music. During the early 2000’s trap music started to become famous. Back then trap beats were a much more aggressive sound.

Rap music producers made trap beats using the drum samples from the Roland 808 machine. These drum sounds were layered with more modern hip hop drum samples.

The 808 kick drum is tuned to provide the bassline of the trap beat and the sub kick sound. Some beatmakers layer in mid-range kick drum sounds to the kick-punch through the mix.

When Lex Luger and Zaytoven began making trap beats in the early 2000s, the sound was very harsh and aggressive. These beat tended to use a lot of brass and orchestral sounds.

Trap Beats

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Why Are Trap Beats So Popular?

Trap instrumentals are more popular these days because of hip hop artists like Drake, Future  J Cole. , Wiz Khalifa, Travis Scott, Rick Ross and Meek Mill.


Trap beats don’t sound so harsh or noisey as they once were. There is a lot more melody in trap music now. Even pop stars now like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus sing over trap beats.


What Tempo or Bpm Are Trap Beats Commonly Found At?

The common tempo for trap beats is seen at 130 to 145 bpm. But have also seen trap music producers making trap instrumentals at half time, which is around 70 bmp. And I have seen other trap beat makers creating beats between 160 - 170 bpm.


What Key Are Trap Beats In?

There no specific key for trap instrumentals. The key for each song is different for each hip hop beat.

If you have difficulty finding the key of the song you can check the metadata of that beat using iTunes.


If the beat hasn’t been assigned by the producer's metadata, you can simply ask them what key their beat is in.

Alternatively, you can use a tool called

If the beat maker has their beats on Youtube or Spotify it will give you bpm and the beats key signature. 


What Makes A Beat A Trap Instrumental?

All trap instrumental seem to have a common formula. Less is more!!!

Trap music uses all the sounds from the Roland 808 machine. But most of these sound has been altered and layered with other drum samples to give the kick and snare a more stand out sound.


The instrumentation is always pretty basic. A repetitive basic melody loop, which is almost nursery rhyme in nature.

This melody is played most of the time using a synth, bell, guitar or pad sound. Pad chords are used just to hide the empty space in the background. 

Because of the minimalist approach with instrumentation in trap beats, it’s producers challenge to make a trap beat sound busy and interesting while remaining open enough for any rapper to rap on the beat.


The reason for the simplistic approach to trap beats is that most rap artists want to take the spotlight in the song. Having a very busy trap instrumental can cause a distraction for the hip hop artist.

Making it more difficult to rap too. The drums have common elements too which can be seen with the use of the 808 basslines playing a major role in the structure of the trap beat.

Another element of the drums that are commonly heard include the use of snare rolls and high hat rolls and a very distinct kick sound which carries the instrumental.

What Are The Best Trap Beats On Your Site?


Pulse this beat is inspired by Drake and Future. I think the really make great music together. The instrumental has an underlining trap drum structure.

The instrumentation goes against the common minimalist approach to trap beats. There are a number of different switch ups in this beat which make give it more life.

Here the extra instrumentation gives the beat a more commercial sound.

If you are in a collaboration with another rap artist, this trap beat is perfect. 


Holywood Fool this trap beat takes inspiration from the Migos.

There is a ton of space in here for modern trap rappers to rap over.

The instrumentation is very sparse but I pull in and out all the individual elements to act as effect rather than standard instruments.

There are a really good groove and movement provided by the 808 baselines which give the beat some darkness but still has commercial appeal. 



The Purpose: This trap beat has to be one of my favourite beats out of my whole catalouge.

Here I was going for a similar movement to DrakesThe Language Instrumental”.


Here the quick movement of the 808 and the kick drum provide all the most obvious structure to the beat.

There is very little instrumentation but there are bell-like melodies and drone-like pads that fill the void of the beat. 


The Gift: This trap instrumental takes a different approach, even though it has a BPM of 145 it sounds much slower.

I was going for a Desiigner or Travis Scott type beat sound here. It has such a darker tone almost a haunting sound. These are the type of beats that I love to make. 

Here in the background a number of vocal chops provide additional transitions and sound effects. 

This helps hide the repetitive nature of the beat.

The addition of small pockets of sounds like this also helps define the verse from the chorus for the rap artist.


Too Late: This beat was ore of an experiment. I never want to make the same beat over and over again.

I like the way that a lot of music producers are using the guitar and the guitar pedals as sound effects. 

So I made a simple guitar riff and added a ton of distortion and reverb and delay and added a simple trap type drum pattern.

While the guitar sounds very haunting the trap beat when played altogether has more of commercial sound. 


Shakin That: This beat is super obvious as a Tyga type beat. Similar to that of Rack City Instrumental or his new Taste Instrumental.


Beats like these are super difficult to make as you need to have a hook with very little else in the beat.

The vocal chop sample provides the hook element that you here in the majority of Tyga’s instrumentals.


Turn Up: Here I looked very obscure sounds that you won’t here in any hip hop beats.

I was going for a Nicki Minaj or a Cardi B type beat. 

Here I can also even here the Migos on this instrumental.

The beat has a lot of very little elements in the mix which make a very simple trap beat sound very complex. 


The Rise:  This trap instrumental is inspired by J Cole’s later work kick and the snare sound pretty basic, not even that trap sounding.

It’s when you mix the 808 baselines and the very busy high has into the mix that it has a more modern trap type beat sound.

It sounds in the background is a mixture of a vocal chop and chinese loon.

These two obscure sounds mixed together provide the hook element that most modern trap rappers look for in beats. 


Alchemy This is a trap type beat inspired by the music producer Metro Boomin. I really like the instrumentals on the Future and Drake Album What A Time To Be Alive.

There were a lot of beat on that album that help sculpt my sound with in hip hop. 

I have always been a traditional intro verse chorus verse type beat maker.

Beats like alchemy don't have a defind structure and helps to take the rap artist and the producer out of their comfort zones. 

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