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Are you looking for rap instrumentals for your mixtape, albums, music videos or singles? The Corporatethief Beats is a beat selling website where, hip hop artists, podcasters, content creators can purchase lease licenses to hip hop beats, which are a 100% royalty free.

When you purchase the lease license from the beat player or promotional beat backs, you get instant access to use our rap instrumentals for your projects, and you get to keep 100% of the royalties.

Here you can sell your song on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and hundreds of other music distribution websites. We have over 150 rap instrumentals in several genres. This includes trap beats, old school instrumentals, abstract rap beats, freestyle beats, pop rap beats and new school beats.

My goal with The Corporatethief Beats is to provide hip hop artists with high-quality hip hop music production at a fair price, and adding value to the music careers using my content.

All of the rap instrumental beats on the website are sample free and are 100% original productions produced by The Corporatethief Beats. If you have any questions about purchasing the hits on my website, feel free to use the contact methods below so I can assist you with your project.

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"Game Over"- Kid Cudi X Big Sean
Type Beat

trap rap instrumental download

At the moment, I like messing with vocal manipulation and using that as the starting point for the beat creation process. This rap instrumental called Game Over is a modern, almost industrial trap sounding beat.

The beat has your standard trap drum sound, which is what hip hop artists want to hear.

The instrumentation of the instrumental has a haunting warped vocal sample combined by the interluding heavily riverbed guitar riff which serves as the basis to provide the artist which a cohesive song structure.

"SASKATCHEWAN" {Travis Scott Style Rap Instrumental}

hard rap instrumental beat

One of my favourite rap instrumentals on the beat site. It takes a similar style to the Game over beat mentioned above where the beat is built from a distorted female vocal sample.

The driving bass line and the trap style drum sound provides the user which a similar but still unique sound to that of Drake and Travis Scott.

While the beat has a pretty liner trap instrumental structure, the effects, high hat movements and the thick bassline provide the artist with enough elements to help the creative process.

"April's Gone" {Denzel Curry Type Beat}

Hard Rap Trap Instrumental {Denzel Curry Type beat}

This beat was heavily inspired by the instrumentals that Denzel Curry raps over.

While no particular beat comes to mind as a direct comparison, I was listening to a number of his songs on Youtube and Spotify at the time.

His influence at that time provides me with the creative mind to create a Denzel Curry Type Beat using very industrial sounds.

"Echelon" {Drake Freestyle Type Beat}

Echelon {Drake Freestyle Type Beat}

This beat Echelon definitely has ties to the Drake instrumental sound.

I started the beat by manipulating a pad and piano sample and adding a pitched female vocal sample in the background, which helps to provide the beat with a little more of a modern trap beat song structure.

"Pusha T Type Beat" - Love Child

Pusha T Type Beat - Love Child -

The original idea for this beat came from a beat pack that @dhpain1 gave out in a beat creation challenge.

The main echoing pad sound was the basis for the instrumental and the middle 8 organ keys.

After that, all the drum sounds and the graceful interluding melody is where I was able to take the beat to a completely different level. The perfect beat for freestyle but maintain a modern trap sound.

"The Gift" - Dark Trap Instrumental

The Gift - Dark Trap Instrumenta

This rap instrumental has always been popular. It's heavily inspired by artists like Big Sean, Travis Scott and Desiigner. I think when you listen to it carefully, you can hear the Panda type beat similarities.

The main reason I am convinced in the popularity of this beat is the space created in the verse and the middle 8 for a hip hop artist to shine. I love making beats with a dark, seedy sound. It comes much more natural to me.

Day Dream {Drake Instrumental}

Daydream freestyle rap beat

This beat is more influenced by freestyle boom-bap beats that Drake tends to do storytelling rap with.

With a more serious under tone and mood. The beat its self is pretty simple with some additional processing to give it that sampled beat sound.

If you want to use this beat in your mixtapes albums and singles use the link above. Or alternatly now you can just scan the QR code and it will take you directly to the beat player.

"Purpose" Energetic Trap Instrumental

More Life Drake Type Beat Purpose Energetic Trap Instrumental.

One of my favourite industry, hip hop beats, is The Language Instrumental by Drake.

I always wanted to create a beat that had that quick movement with the 808's and the high hats while keeping the instrumentation as minimalist as possible.

Here I think I captured the essence of the and the common traits of Drake's The Language instrumental while showcasing, creativity and originality from my original creation.

Freestyle Freedom - Freestyle Instrumental

Freestyle Beat

This latest beat is more of a laid back smooth jazz beat, 🔥 similar to the laid back type beats you can hear J Cole rap over.

It's more of a reflection type beat or a storytelling beat. Perfect for rappers that want to rap about an event in their life.

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You can also download beats from the best player. However, these rap instrumentals don't come with any lease rights and are tagged at the beginning. The demo download is strictly for audition use only. The purposes of the demo download are to give the artist the chance to write a song to come up with an idea for a song. Here hip hop artists can decide which rap instrumental is actually worth investing in the lease rights.


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