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My Favourite & Most Used
Hip Hop Drum Kits

Here is where I recommend my most trusted source for hip hop drums kits online.
I have highlighted some of my most used Drum samples that I use in my music production.
Investing in the right sounds for your rap beats will cut your mixing time
down by half
and give you a clear vision on how to make beats.

My Official Drum Kit

These are high quality hip hop drum samples that I have used on my hip hop beat productions. 

Inside You Will Find

- 808 Kicks - 22

- Claps - 19

- Hat_Loops - 16

- Hats 10

- Kicks - 24

- Open Hats - 8

- Percs - 25

- Snares - 25

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 Finding the best drums for your beats is key to making great beats. Having the perfect hip hop drum kits can make or break your beats. Most hip hop music producers start making beats with the drum the right hip hop drum kits.

All sounds are royalty-free and ready for commercial use. Key & Tempo labeled Loops, One-Shots & Vocals included. 

My favourite hip hop drum kits

Some of the hip hop drum kits I have highlighted below are from Modern Producers.
These kits have been used by industry professionals and were created by top music sound engineers.  The sound engineers are qualified and know what quality sounds are. Most industry producers have top sound engineers that help the mix their sounds for them making sure they are quality sounds used.

No other professional in any form of production would start a job with poor quality source materials. So why would you ? Cutting corners is no way to start producing music. At the end of your only hurting yourself.

Some of the links below are referral links, at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission if you decide to purchase these products. Since I have used all of these products online for my own websites I have confidence in my recommendation based on my own experience with these companies. If you do go through my referral link thanks for your support.

Modern Producers Drum Kits
hip hop drum kit hit factory

Listen To The Beats Made Using This Drum Kit


 The Hit Factory Drum Kit

This hip hop drum kit comes from Modern Producers. Most music producers online have been calling this hip hop drum kit one of the best drum kits of all time. With punchy Kick's, snappy crisp claps that will help any producer keep amazing clarity in the mix.  

These Hip Hop Drum Samples have been recorded and mixed in a top studio with top eq and Compressors.With 30 Snares, Kick , claps, hit hats may more sound this kit is perfect for any producer looking for quality.  

Fl studio Logic ,MPD, Machine ,Cubase Sounds are 44.1khz, 16 – Bit Wav & SND File there will be four more videos after this one.

Yes there are free rap drums online download's online from torrent sites but are you going to risk your computer to trojans and viruses for some sounds that end up not being the quality hip hop drum samples you were looking for in the first place.

Having a good source sound can make it so much easier to mix your beats. Most free drum kits online have been over processed and you can never truly fit them in the mix they way you want your beat to sound like. 

Find the best hip hop drum kits that have good source sound. Having a quality raw sound will save you hours on mixing that you don't need to be doing. 

trap drum kits sonic dope trap collection

Beat Made Using This Kit


Sonic Dope Trap Drum Kit

This is another hip hop drum kit comes from Modern Producers. This is a must have drum pack for trap beat producers. There are some outrageous sounds here that can shift your mindset from the common generic trap beat maker to a more unique future proof producer.

Look out for Kick 5_XT.wav in this kit as I tend to use it in a lot of my beats for both trap and pop beats. The kick slices right through the mix for heavy 808 mixes and base driven pop tracks.

Fl studio Logic ,MPD, Machine ,Cubase Sounds are 44.1khz, 16 – Bit Wav & SND File there will be four more videos after this one.

ovo drake drum kit

Beats Made Using This Kit


Sounds From The Sixth

This kit and the OVO bundle kits are very similar to the above trap kit. They have very Bo1 Da style drum sounds.

On the onset this kit kind looks a bit basic. At first I felt that I didn't really need it as I already had the Experimental trap kit, but it wasn't until I start to take a listen to all the 14 construction loops that come with this kit that I started to look for more unique ways of creating that Drake style drum sounds.

The snares , claps and hats stand out in this kit once you have listened to the construction kits for some inspiration.

Considering that the OVO and the Drake style beats are pretty popular with up and coming rap artists and music producers, this drum pack is not a bad kit too reach for when you want to create that type of sound. 

vox sample pack 2018



Hip Hop ​​​​Vocal Samples

Even though this kit isn't specifically Drum sounds, I added it here in this list of hip hop drum kits because it's pretty hard to find a good vocal pack online. 

And it's even harder to find a vocal sample pack that hasn't been used to death by every beat maker online.

I don't go over kill with the vocal samples in my beats, but from watching many beat making tutorials and listen to modern type beats, you can see a pattern of how producers are using vocal samples to replace the common pad sounds.

Commonly music producers tend to add pad sounds to keep the movement of the beat without making the beat too busy.

If you listen to this beat making tutorial that I added on the left hand side here you can see how I use the vocal samples as effects and to replace the pad sounds that I would normally use in the music production process.  

Boom Bap Kits For Rap Beats

Beat Made Using These Boom Bap Drum Samples


Hip Hop Vocal Samples

I used to use this kit quite a lot in my old beats. Since I know create more electro trap type beats I tend to use the above kits. 

But I still reach for this kit when I want to move a from sounds that I am too familiar with. This kit is handy for any one that makes old school sample type beats, rnb type beats and boom bap type beats. 

The beat to the left hand side, I use a mixture of this boom bap legends kit and the industry standard kit.

I wanted to get a mixture of old school sound and merge it with a more commonly heard story teller beat. Similar to what you would hear with J Cole or Kendrick Lamar Instrumentals

 The sound engineers have spent their time here recreating same sounds used by J Dilla, DJ Prem & Kev Bown. Boom Bap Phonetics hip hop drums are the best sounds for the early 90’s hip-hop sound.

Capturing the creative techniques used by old school legends filtering and use of compression. All sounds were recorded from vinyl and tested many chains for that signature boom bap hip hop drums sound.

Timbaland Drum Kit

Beat Made Using These Boom Bap Drum Samples


Genius Kit Inspired By Timbaland

This is a kit that I have had in my drum sample library for a long while. Hip hop heat has been on the drum sample scene for a long while. 

Before the Drake type beat sound held the throne with beat makers a like, the Timbaland type beat sound dominated the online music production trend. 

While some might see this kit as out dated and not with the current trap /  electro rap tends of now days, I still feel that there are some really good sounds in here that any music producer can incorporate in their own music production. 

The Timbaland style drum samples still knock it out of the park for me when it comes to making a more radio friend rap/pop type beats. 

old school drum samples

Beat Made Using These Boom Bap Drum Samples


So Clean Type Kit

Like that of the Timbaland type beat kit above this So Clean kit has a couple of gems here too. I still reach in here for the odd clap or hat sounds that I am familiar with. 

Some times you just get used to the sounds that you have in your sample libraries, and you know exactly how to mix them. 

If you like creating RnB or {sample type beats like the beat to the left}, you will find some samples that you can use to create these Pharell Williams or The Neptunes type beats.


Mixing rap beats is a hard and complicated process. So starting with a good source material will make your own job ten times easier. Go through pages of forums online on how to mix rap beats and you will see the common phrase “start with good sounds”.

Mixing beats with over compressed drum sounds will just muddy your mix and make it sound unclear. Most professional hip hop drum kits are already perfectly mixed so you only need a little basic of Eq and compression.

The main reason rookie producers end up with bad sounding instrumentals, is that they never start with good sounds in the first place. They end up over Eqing and compressing, thus they end up with a muddy mix.

music production and mixing rap beats

hip hop drum kits online


 Drums are essential in hip-hop beats. So if you want to make rap beats make sure you invest in quality Hip Hop Drum Kits.

By investing in quality Hip Hop Drum Kits you can take your own music to a professional level. All with half the work that you would spend on mixing bad sounds. You might be able to fool some people online using free sound but as soon as you send your music to TV or to labels they will see right through you and view you as a rookie.  

Great sounds will equally more beat sales and more placements.Find drums sounds that you know that you will like and use. Just because everyone else is using them does not mean you have to follow suit. Find professional hip hop drum kits that will suit your style and the type of music that you make.





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