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The Progression Of Hip Hop Beats

At one time when you said the phrase “hip hop beats”,  old school hip hop music came to mind. Most people will think of old boom bap type beats.

Where producers would chop up old soul records and make beats from the records they sampled.


While I still respect the craft of sampling records and making those old school type hip hop beats, it’s gotten a lot more challenging to promote and share sampled hip hop beats.


Times and styles have changed. Hip Hop Beats is now just an umbrella term for a number of sub-genres of hip hop music. This includes new school beats, trap beats, abstract beats, hard rap beats, freestyle beats, club beats and rnb type beats. 

While boom bap still has its place in the music industry today, most beat makers are creating the own sounds and sampling those sounds. This helps them create something new and relevant without any copyright issues.


Here at The Corporatethief Beats, I have made a number of different styles of hip hop beats for you to use in your mixtape, albums and singles.

Please refer below to the pricing table to see the prices of each hip hop beat lease license. Each lease license carries its own terms. 

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What Are Your Most Popular Hip Hop Beats?

Rather than sifting through all my main hip hop beat store here are all my best freestyle type beats in one playlist.

If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at corporatethief@gmail.com or call me on skype username: corporatethiefbeats.


I Can { Rick Ross Hip Hop Beat}

I Can { Rick Ross Gospel Type Beat}

I Can this is by far one of the most popular hip hop beats on the website. This beat is inspired by Just Blaze.

The aim I was going for here was something like what Just Blaze created with Lord Knows Instrumental.


Which featured Drake and Rick Ross. The beat has a huge live sounding drum pattern while the instrumentation stems from gospel music. The beat doesn’t have any hook or true song structure.

This instrumental is really meant for storytelling rappers which future ambitions. It’s quite a confident hip hop beat, where rappers can really lay down some meaning full lyrics.


Too Late { Electric Guitar Trap Beat}

gunna type hip hop beat

Too Late Here in this beat I was experimenting with newer sounds.

I never really liked electric guitar in hip hop music but I know I can make cool effects with the guitar pedals.

I was going for a modern trap beat sound similar to that of a Gunna type beat. But this beat is super versatile.

The beat is so open it could be just a solo trap record or it could even be carved into an electronic rnb type beat.

The beat is clearing structured verse chorus verse chorus that it might also suit an rnb male vocal. Similar to that of The Weeknd.


Day Dream {Modern Freestyle Beat}

Daydream freestyle rap beat

DayDream takes a old school approach to a modern take of boom bap. Similar to what you will hear on a Drake record.

Again it takes the rapper on this reminiscent story.


If you feel that you have storytelling lyrics then this is a rap beat where you can truly shine. The beat doesn’t really have a hook.

It has specific sections where certain elements in the beat drop in and out of the mix.


This helps the rap artist build up and slow down the energy of their lyrics. There is a beautiful elegance to this hip hop beat.


Love Child { Pusha T Type Beat}

Pusha T Type Beat - Love Child -

Love Child This instrumental starts with a echo filtered pad sample that I got from a DJ Pain One sample pack. {Royalty free}

The pad sample acts aa metronome floating in the background.


The drums have a trap type beat sound, while you can hear a lonely flute melody floating around in the background.

Perfect for modern storytelling rappers which are looking for something easy to rap over but with commercial trap sound elements. The mood I was going for was that of a Drake or Pusha T Type Beat sound.

Which Beats Are The Most Popular?

I don't just make the same type beats over and over again all of my beats are different. I like to change up my style and find inspiration from more popular hip hop beats online.

If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at corporatethief@gmail.com or call me on skype username: corporatethiefbeats.


Piggy Bank {21 Savage Type Beat}

"Piggy Bank { 21 Savage Type Instrumental Beat

Piggy Bank Here in this beat I was going for more of an experimental trap beat with a minimalist approach.

I was trying to channel something similar to that of a 21 Savage type beat. 

Something that was along the like of his Bank Account instrumental.


Nothing too complex in this beat, simple to rap over without taking your self too serious. 

This is just a simple sampled guitar sound that is reversed and altered with effects over a simple trap beat drum pattern.


Freestyle Freedom [ Freestyle Hip Hop beat}

Freestyle Beat

Freestyle Freedom This beat is inspired by the music behind J Cole.

I am pretty heavily influenced by his music and I really wanted to try a put myself in that mindset where I could make a modern J Cole type beat.


The beat has an off-kilter boom-bap drum pattern.

The beat has a snare sound that is slight of Kilter which hip hop artist love as it gives them that freedom to freestyle rap naturally.


The beat is meant to take the artist on a journey.

Powered by a backbone of drums and there is a silky sax melody that sails around in the background which promotes a freestyle mindset. 


Alchemy - Drake and Future Type Beat

Future Type Beat "Alchemy"

Alchemy This beat is straight up inspired by Drake and Futures work on What A Time To Be Alive.

There is no predefined song structure here. The beat has trap elements that float in and out of the mix.


While transition effect help moves the instrumental along without interfering too much, this keeps the hype of the instrumental steady so that the rapper can spit more aggressive rap lyrics.


Critical - Kendrick Lamar Type Beat

Schoolboy Q x Kendrick Lamar Type Beat Critical

Critical Here in this beat I was going for a  Kendrick Lamar Type Beat vibe.

So it has this modern take of a laid back trap meets west coast sound.


The beat sounds like it’s sampled, but these effects are just chopped up vocal samples from Logic Pro.

If you are looking for an upbeat summer sounding beat with old school elements this is the beat for you.

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If you subscribe to our newsletter you can download 3 hip hop beats which are untagged. The link option form is at the top of this page. These 3 free beats come with lease rights and in which you can use in your mixtapes an albums.


There are other demo downloads in which you can get from the beat player above. These are just tagged beats in which you can only use for audition purposes.


In order to protect my music from unlawful uploads, all beats are tagged with Youtube content ID by Distrokid.

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If you have questions on how to buy hip hop beats from my site use the contact button above or support@thecorporatethiefbeats.com


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