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What Are Freestyle Beats?

I always encourage up and coming rappers to start of rapping over freestyle beats as it’s much easier for you to follow the snare. The tempo of freestyle rap beats tends to be commonly found between 85 - 95 BPM. 

Freestyle instrumentals are much more simplistic. Consisting of a basic boom-bap drum pattern. Using a combination of the Kick, The Snare and High Hats and some light percussive instruments.


These old school instrumentals are based on old jazz samples. The pioneers of freestyle beats included producers like DJ Premier, 9th Wonder and Jay Dilla.


All of the producers would create a simple boom bap beat and add chopped up samples obtained from old soul records.


Freestyle beats have much more room in them for the rapper to shine. There is less distraction from the instrumentation to distract the rapper.

Compared to most modern trap beat which sometimes steals the limelight form the rap artist.

Trap beats are more suited for clubs and live shows.

Designed to hype the audience.


Freestyle beats, on the other hand, are more suited to rappers that want their lyrics to shine. If you have an important story to tell or you feel that the lyrics that you have written deserve to be heard then freestyle instrumentals are the best place to start.

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Step 1 

Find the Freestyle instrumentals that you would like. Click on the Blue + Icon.  Once you have done this click on the lease license in which you require. {Basic Mp3, Premium Wav or Platinum Tracked Out Lease}

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Step 2

Click the buy button on the right hand corner of the music player located that the right hand side.

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Step 3

Purchase your beats with Paypal or Stripe. Once completed your  Freestyle Beats will be sent to your email address in which you sign up with. 

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“Purchasing Freestyle Beats is a pretty big deal. It can be a bit daunting for 

and up and coming artist. If you get stuck, use  any of these these

contact methods to connect with me”

Daniel Hartnett 

The Corporatethief Beats  / Music Producer and Beat Maker

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What Are Your Best Freestyle Rap Beats?

Above you will find a beat player with a playlist I put together of all my storytelling instrumentals and freestyle beats.

Rather than sifting through all my main hip hop beat store here are all my best freestyle type beats in one playlist.

If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at or call me on skype username: corporatethiefbeats.


Freestyle Freedom  { Drake Type  Beat}

Freestyle Freedom is a storytelling beat I made in the style of a modern Drake type beat. The beat is 100% original instrumentation.

I mixed the beat with some vinyl stock sounds and various filters to give the impression that it is sampled.

The instrumental has a very smooth and soul sound which can be used for a storytelling freestyle rap song. 


Day Dream { Drake / J Cole Type Beat}

Day Dream is also inspired by rap artists like Drake, JCole and Kendrick Lamar.

The beat has a very elegant piano chord structure that I feel will inspire any hip hop artist to rap over.

What I love about this instrumental are the parts where the drums stop and the piano continues. Really placing emphasis on the soul of the song.


Love Child {Modern Freestyle Beat}

Love Child is a beat that I made a while back when Pusha T had a beef with Drake.

I really like the way Pusha T raps. This is more of a modern freestyle rap beat with trap elements.

There is some much space for any rapper to rap over this instrumental. It has the perfect mix of a more modern commercial sound but the instrumentation of a boom bap soul record. 


I Can { Rick Ross Gospel Type Beat}

I Can is a freestyle beat inspired by a Drake song featuring Rick Ross called “Lord Knows”, which was produced by Just Blaze.

Inspired by lord knows I set out to create gospel hip hop beat. Something which suited Rick Ross’s style of rapping.

The "I Can" beat combines gospel elements, energetic boom-bap drums and a powerful bass-driven bass line.

All the elements of this beat come together. Almost like a statement piece. The I Can freestyle instrumental doesn’t have a chorus. I don’t think that this beat suits a singer.

It has the makings of an epic storytelling song. One of the more popular beats from that I have produced, and I have received a ton of positive feedback about this instrumental online.

Which Beats Are The Most Popular?

I have out lined some of the more popular beats from my website here in the freestyle beat playlist above. 

The popularity is based on the number of lease licenses sold and feedback I have received from my social channels like that of Youtube.

If you are looking for specific freestyle instrumentals like boom bap or vibe type beat feel free to use the search bar located in the beat store. 

Add in specific keyword phrases so that the player will return a more accurate type of instrumental that meets your specific needs. 

If you would like help please hit the contact button send me an email at or call me on skype username: corporatethiefbeats.


Fast Freestyle Beats​

The Rise is a beat I created which was inspired by J Cole’s and Kendrick Lamar’s more modern approach to hip hop. Combining a very fast trap style drum pattern and very spars old school instrumentation.

The main instrumentation is carried out by a Chinese Loon but is shaped and filter in a way that it sounds like chopped up female vocals. This beat is much faster {145BPM} than the other boom-bap style beats.


Do You Sell Freestyle Trap Beats?

Yes, I do. Certain freestyle trap beats like Purpose is one of my personal favourites. Here I set out to capture the mood and style of Drake’s “The Language” instrumental. The has a very little instrumentation.

Little instrumentation is very common in modern trap beats.

Giving the rap artist a ton of room to work with, while keeping the energy created by the 808 kick drum, multiple snare and high hat rolls.

The main reason I feel that this is more modern freestyle trap beat is down to space for the rapper to shine. There are pockets for a rapper to fit slower lyrics in or for the rapper to trap very fast bars.


Which Instrumentals Are More Chill Beats?

Make It is an instrumental inspired by Rick Ross. My approach to this instrumental is a more relaxed Miami Vibe sound. The beat is much more chilled out, and even with the more modern trap 808 kick drum, the beat has a freestyle air to it. While the beat doesn’t have a traditional boom bap storyteller sound, it does mix a more modern summer commercial sound with a classic hip hop vibe.


I Can { Rick Ross Gospel Type Beat}

I Can is a freestyle beat inspired by a Drake song featuring Rick Ross called “Lord Knows”, which was produced by Just Blaze.

This has to be one of the most popular beats that I have made. The beat has received over a 100k views on Youtube and a number of likes. 

Because of the freestyle nature of the instrumental, and the lack of a true hook, rap artists feel that they can tell a story here really get pumped by the hype nature of the beat. 

Here Is Additional Information About Our Beat Site
Why Use Freestyle Beats?

Freestyle beats are some of the easiest rap instrumentals to rap over. If you are learning how to rap or learning how to freestyle you need instrumentals that have a hook but aren’t over complicated.  

Most up and coming hip hop artists listen to more modern trap music. With artists like The Migos, Drake, Future, Gucci Mane and Travis Scott all using a more modern fast-paced electric hip hop sound.

These particular rap beats are performed at a much higher temp {140BPM} and have weirdly placed snare and high hat rolls.

These weirdly placed snare rolls can make it difficult for up and coming rappers figure out the pockets of where to rap. 

why use our freestyle beats
Which Freestyle Instrumentals Are Free To Download?

There are instrumentals located in the beat store player in which you can download a tagged demo. These free beat downloads are only for audition purposes only.


This gives you the ability rap to freestyle to my beat to see if you can write a good song using my music. This helps to remove all risk of purchasing an instrumental that you don’t need or want.


You cannot use any of the free freestyle beats located in the beat store player on my site for any commercial use.

This includes music distribution on any website. If you wish to use my music for any commercial use, please feel free to purchase a lease license from the beat store.


In order to protect my music from unlawful uploads, all beats are tagged with Youtube content ID by Distrokid.

If you feel that you have created a good song from the free freestyle beats demos on my site you can purchase a lease license from the beat player located on this page.


Purchase instructions are under the beat store. If you have questions about purchasing beats from my site use the contact button above or

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