Free Instrumental Beats

Free Instrumental Beats

Did you just search on Google for Free Instrumental Beats? Here at The Corporatethief Beats, we understand that when rap artists looking for free hip hop beats, they are really just looking for inspiration without the financial risk. 

Most hip hop artists are pretty comfortable with the hip hop beat lease system where they understand that the music producer needs to be compensated for the work that they have created.

What hip hop artist’s don’t want is the financial loss that comes with unfinished songs over rap beats they have paid for. Not every song you write will be that hit. Not every verse you spit over a sick hip hop beat will find the ears of an audience.

Some of this reason hip hop artists like to test drive free instrumental beats with their rap, to see if the beat inspires them. If the rap beat has inspired them to create an amazing song, maybe it’s up too that artists to invest in their music career by purchasing a lease license in the future.

Here is a link to a Guide On Downloading Free Beats Online

Here are two risk-free methods of downloading free instrumental beats from The Corporatethief Beats website.

​1. Download 3 Free Rap Instrumentals With Non-Exclusive Rights and Untagged By Subscribing To Our Blog.

The best way to get untagged free hip hop beats with non-exclusive rights from my blog is by subscribing via email to our newsletter. Here is the member's area, you can download these beats, and also get my music marketing tools cheat sheet. Simply subscribe using your email address below.

This is just an extra gift where I share my insight into the same music marketing tools I use in my music marketing on a daily basis. It’s a simple PDF list with links directly to tools that will help grow your fan base and help with your music promotion.

The free beat download is untagged, so it doesn’t hinder your progress when rapping. Most free hip hop beats online are tagged a number of times by the producer. I understand why music producers tagged their free beats, but it can hinder the rap artist’s freestyle if the the tag is placed every 20 seconds.

Are These 3 Beats Royalty Free Beats?

Yes, just these 3 beats above are royalty free beats with non-exclusive rights.  So you can use these beats in Mixtapes, Albums, One Music Video and Music Distribution Sites up to 2500 streams.  

So you can upload your song to iTunes, Google Play, Spotify. You can also play at live shows and events. You keep all of your royalties earned from your song online. The format of these beats is an Mp3 254kbp file with a pdf non-exclusive less agreement.

I provide hip hop artists with free rap beats, to introduce them to my music. Providing the beats to rappers gives them more confidence in their raps. By removing the tag’s of these beats gives the artists complete freedom to work with some of my best rap beats for free.

What you need to understand about these 3 free hip hop beats is that I the {“music producer”} still own the rights of the music. I can continue to sell the lease rights to other hip hop artists. It is also in the terms and conditions of the free instrumentals beats, that you must credit the music producer as {The Corporatethief Beats} where ever the instrumental is used. 

You can upload your song to Youtube, but the basic non-exclusive lease rights DO NOT come with Youtube Monetization rights. The Youtube monetization is very complicated so I have already Youtube content Id my Youtube channel and instrumentals.

What Type Of Genre These Free Rap Beats?

There is a mixture of trap beats and free style boom bap type beats. These aren't just throw away instrumentals. In order for me to prove my worth as a music producer I have offered some of my beat work for free. Here I can show case my value as a hip hop music producer. 

I like to make rap music in all different genres so I have cherry picked some of the more popular rap beat downloads and sales from my beat store. Some of which include trap beats, rnb beat, hip hop beats, freestyle beats and abstract rap instrumentals. 

2. Get Free Rap Beat Downloads From The Beat Player.

Download Free Type Beats

Disclaimer These beats are just free rap beat demos. The beats are tagged with my The Corporatethief Beats vocal tag. These free hip hop beats are do not come with non-exclusive rights. 

These free rap instrumentals are meant only for the audition purposes only. To give you the ability to write a song to this beat. The purpose of the free download is to give you the ability to work on a song with my music. 

You can’t release this online without the purchase of a lease license. You can purchase the lease license for any beat from the beat player.

In order to download the free demo rap beats from the beat player, select a beat that you would like to download. Next, to the plus symbol, there is a green download icon.

Click the download icon. This will open the download gate via social share or email opt-in. 

download free hip hop beats from the beat store

In order to download the demo for free please choose whether you would like to share my website with your audience or subscribe via email to my website.

Once you have undertaken one of these options your free beat download Mp3 will appear.

3. Email Subscribers Get Discounts & Free Beat Downloads.

All of my email newsletter subscribers are the first people to know when I drop new rap beat leases and when I give out free hip hop beats.

Occasionally I give out free beat rap beat with lease rights to reward my newsletter subscribers and to thank them for supporting my music.

I don’t just promote my beats to my email subscribers. I give them a ton of music marketing advice. Any music promotion tips I learn online I share with my audience. Here my audience gets free video courses, links to new tools that will help with their music marketing.

My email newsletter is my main communication with my audience. So if you would like to benefit from this amazing value, you need to get on my newsletter asap. Not just for the free beat download but for all the other goodies I give out too.

From time to time I do crazy rap beat packs, where my you can get access to my entire library for one low price. I don’t share this on social media. Only my email subscribers know about these deals that come around at random.

You have two amazing options above for free beats. If you additional questions about the rap beats on my site contact me at

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Video Name: [FREE] Travis Scott Type Beat 2017 - My World Video Description: This is one of my latest trap beats. Beats produced in the style of Travis Scott and the rap instrumentals that he raps over. After watching the video for Travis Scott song/documentary Birds in the Trap, the Outro instrumental is fantastic. This is the kind of beat I was trying to create. As you have gathered from listening to my YouTube channel, you will notice that I make a lot of trap type beats. And Travis Scott is one of my biggest influences not only as a rap artist but as a music producer in the hip-hop music industry. I like the elements that Travis Scott uses to create his type beats that he raps over in his album birds in the Trap. These hip-hop beats and very dark seedy instrumentals, but what Travis Scott goes with his music it makes the dark elements of rap and hip-hop music with a lighthearted tonality of beautiful melodies and counter melodies. You will notice this in the hope that I have created in this trap beat. Video Thumbnail Image: Video Author: Review Date: Upload Date: 2017-11-02T07:31:30.000Z Video URL: Embed URL: