Welcome to the beats and resources index page of The Corporatethief Beats. For you to have the best experience in purchasing hip hop beats from our site, we have created specific instrumental categories to help you find the genre that you need. We have also added links to our music marketing resources, articles, case studies, product reviews and tools.

This index page is designed to be very simple and easy to navigate both for desktop users and mobile users. Simple click on the beat genre or the music marketing link to take you to the right page. Each of these genre pages will have detailed information about the lease rights, instructions on how to lease beats and links to free demo beat downloads.

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There is an opt-in email form at the top and the bottom of this page. If you subscribe to our members area, you will get access to 3 free rap beat with lease rights, and my music marketing tools cheat sheet. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact me by using the contact button at the top of your screen. 

This is where you will find all of my latest music marketing articles.

Over the last few years of working online I have documented some music marketing strategies I have implemented.

Here you can learn over the shoulder some of the best tools and resources to help promote your music too.

I labeled this section as just general hip hop beats. This doesn't mean that this just old school hip hop beats.

Some of the beat located in this section of the website are a mixture of modern hip hop beats and old school type beats. 

Here in the trap beats section of my beat site, you will only find instrumentals that contain common elements of trap music. 

If you like trap beats like Metro Boomin, Future, Drake, The Migos and 21 Savage this is the section for you. 

The type beats debate is a common discussion amongst online beat makers.

But the fact remains that type beats are a simple way for hip hop artists to find my beats online.

It will also give the user a better experience as it will help them eliminate they type beats they don't like. Here you will find Drake type beats, Rick Ross type beats & J Cole type beats ect. 

The freestyle beats page is similar to that of the Hip Hop Beats page.

Here you will find a playlist of freestyle instrumentals that are both old school type beats and modern boom bap hip hop beats. 

If you prefer beats with out hooks and beats that are much easier to rap too, this page is for you.

The term hard rap beats is a common phrase to describe a particular movement of the 808 with trap music. 

Hard rap beats tend to have a more darker nature compared to my trap beat playlist. 

If you like a darker and a more aggressive style of trap music this is the right page for you.

The free instrumentals beat page is detail account of how you can get free beats from my website. Some free beats will include leases right and some beats are just for audition purposes only.

Instructions on how to download free beats from The Corporatethief Beats explained clearly on this page.

Please read this page before you download free beat mp3's  from the website.

Most hip hop artist won't need exclusive beats. If you have a massive audience and the budget to help you promote your music to an existing fan base, then you should consider purchasing the exclusive rights. 

If you want greater control over the beats that I have produced, purchasing tracked leases is a much better investment.

If you have questions about exclusive rights hit the contact button.

Attention!!! By purchasing a lease license from the beat store you won't have pay us any royalties. 

= Royalty Free Beats

I only created this Royalty free beats page because I really wanted to explain the phrase in more detail. The beats here are the same as the hip hop beats page.

It will also break down the lease license, what you get, how much each license is and your distribution rights. {iTunes, Spotify, Pandora Google Play Ect}

My new instrumentals beat page has a listen of 25+ new beats that I have produced over the last month. This page contains Youtube videos to preview all the instrumentals that I The Corporatethief Beat have to offer you. 
There are detailed instructions on how you can purchase and download beats from our beat store. Please feel free to hit the contact button if you are unsure about purchasing beats from our website. 

Daniel Hartnett - The Corporatethief Beats - Rap Beat Maker

I am the beat maker behind the rap beats that you will find The Corporatethief Beats website.

My goal with this site is to provide up and coming hip hop artists, podcasters, YouTuber's and singers with high quality royalty free hip hop beats at an affordable price.

My email subscribers get the best deals on beats. If you want the insiders scoop on new beats, discount for rap music and music marketing articles subscribe via email below.

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