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Trap Instrumental That I Produced Recently

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Trap Instrumental Beats That I Have Recently Made

Trap instrumentalThe first trap type beat that I have made is called "Greed is Good". I really like the bounce in this one it has more of a new school meets trap music type of sound rather than your traditonal understanding of dirty south or trap music. 

You have to admit that chorus come in the way that the synths , bass , melody and th percussion all complament each other giving you the artist that perfect bounce to rap over.  
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These videos that are embed in this post are trap instrumental beats. I make all my beats in logic pro and use some different vsti's (virutal instruments) and various drum kit that I have bought or found online from other beat makers.


Most people believe that a trap music genre is more of a sub genre of dirty south beats just like crunk music has all so spawned from dirty south beats.All these beats are pioneered by great beat makers like Lex Luger , Jahlil Beats , Drumma Boi. The have made some of the most famous trap beats for industry artist's and made it popular.


The bpm tempo of trap instrumental beats is normally at 140 to 150 bpm or it can be at half time 70-80 bpm. I always start with the drums and just grab some preset drums that I already have customized from my hip hop drum library.


Then I just put together a simple pattern listening to my favorite trap beats producers like lex luger , Zaytoven or Drumma Boi. I listen to the the way they put the kicks and snares together and bend it to the way the will work for my style. With any thing you learn like guitar piano or making beats you need to learn for those who come before you and take what you learn and mold it in to your own persona.


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How I Work On Making Trap Instrumental Beats.


Once I have two different drum patterns with snares hats kicks and percs I add different drum sounds here and there just so that the beat will sound like its structured. With the intro verse chorus the bridge all have little changes here and there. The kick is layer with 808 kick that will act as the base line of the the song . The 808 follows the kick drum pattern but plays the chord notes of the bass line of the song.


Some times I get a piano to help me here to figure out what chords to play. Or better yet I might attach a guitar tuner to the 808 kick in logic and make sure that the 808 kick base line is perfectly in tune with any other instruments in trap instrumental.

Then I make simple melodies using synth sounds from of the vst's (virtual instruments). Trap instrumental beats tend to have be very repetitive. These tracks tend to be on verge of minimalism meaning less is more. If you take the rapper out of most trap music you will find very little there.



I layer all these sounds together with different presets in the vsti's and add filters and effects to make them my sounds. This will give them that unique sound that will sound that are just that little bit different than other peoples trap instrumental. I use the dance lead saw sound in the vsti that give the impression of the chorus as it is louder and has more energy in it compared to the very quite verses. The chorus tend to have all the sounds that are present in the song in that part of the beat. The high hats tend to be real fast and go in and out 1/8 – 1/16 – 1/32 notes in different sequences.


Rappers like these types of tracks because they have so much room for them to rap and to be heard.

Also they tend to all about have lots of hype and change ups which make it good for a rap artist to write high octane hype raps. Rapper feel like the can get that aggressive side out of the song from these type of beats. Rick Ross , Waka Flocka , Gucci Mane who make aggressive song use a trap instrumental.


Studying The Rap Beat That You Have Made.


Even thought these tracks are minimalists as I described they tend to be harder than you think to make as you have to use less sounds and choose your sound carefully. This is easier than its looks. I like making pop beats as I can add lots of elements to make the track sound busy. But with these trap tracks it can be a little more tricky as you constantly feel like it's too quite.


I always feel like there isn't enough to move me as I am not hearing any rap artist on the Hip Hop beat yet. Tracks like these are some times a bit of challenge of where to go with. You have to leave lots of space and most of the time spent is the right sounds to use not to over power the verse lyrics.


But I always keep the artist in mind. I have like a couple of rap songs like BMF by Rick Ross that I rap the verses in my head (Im not a rapper ) over the beat that I have made. I add sounds like pads and arps and percs that make the beats sound more busy but keep the space that rappers want for their vocals.


These effects place emphasis on the main parts of the beat with out having too much going that will take anything away from the rappers vocals. You will hear this with the trap rise effect , the wosh effect or snare rolls that come in and out of the trap instrumental with in certain intervals of the song.



This is key to making thse kind of beats. Most of the time its all about dropping out drum sounds here and there and bring them back in. It creates the hype aspect of the beat that give the rap artist energy to move with his or her lyrics, delivery and flow. If you listen to the two trap beat videos in this post you will hear what I speak of here in the article. How carry out the change ups in the verses and how they brake down in to the chorus . You will hear the space left for the rapper and how the catchy melody will help them think of something infectious to say during the hook of the beat.


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