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How To Make Money From Your Mixtape

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How To Make Money From Your Mixtape




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These are some tip's and tricks to help you Make money from your mixtape. Rap mixtapes are always for free on the net but if you do a some research and some hard work you can come up with amazing ways of turning your mixtape in to money.


It's not easy for musician these days to make money form music but if you put your mind to it and put in a some work the money will follow. This article is not going to make you thousands today but I am sure that it will give you many ideas that you had not thought of. You can use the profit from your music to continue your amazing career in the music. We have tons of fast rap beats for sale here on The Corporatethief Beats website.​


Building A Website In Less Than 15 Minutes 


blue host website hosting BlueHost :  Most of my websites are hosted on blue host. From all of the training website courses I have taken Blue Host is always recommended.

Ease of use with one click wordpress install makes setting up a website so easy. . It's cheap and they give great support for their customers.

​I would definiatley recommend blue host to any one that is setting up a new website today.



If you take a look at the video below I will show how you can set up a wordpress website using blue host in less than 15 minutes. 

You don't need to know any fancy web coding skill just need to follow the way I do it in the video and you will have you own site today . Good Luck

PS . You might want to watch this video in full screen 


starting a new rap website


Starting A Fan Newsletter With Aweber


aweber email marketing Aweber : The email marketing system I use is aweber. Aweber is a great company and I would be lost online with out my email list of newsletter subscribers.

Email marketing is a great way to reconnect with clients and music fans I would strongly urge any artist that is promoting their music to start building their email list today with Aweber.




music fan newsletters with aweber



Music Licensing


This can be very great if it's done correctly.Rap artist's like Drake, Kid Cudi ,and The Weekend all started of with free mixtapes but licensed the music to T.V. shows like "How to make it in America" . The profits they made from renting their music to companies like advertisements and T.V. show's can bring in streams of royalties for you as long as the shows and advertisements are running.



Music licensing is one of thing today thats saving the music industry, and lots of artist's are turning to this for a great source of profit. Some streams can bring a years income depending how hard you work at get the music out there to the people that needs to hear it. As long as your music is yours, you will get royalties for the songs you have written.



As I said at the start think tiny when you start out. Start at your local radio station and find people like night club mangers and local business mangers maybe even the radio station itself will rent your music for ad campaigns.Make sure your signed up to performance rights organization like ASCAP or BMI. These PRO\'s will collect the income for you will earn from licensing your music to T.V.



There are lots of sites online like TAXI.com , whoisthehottestrapper.com , Youlicense.com , xraymusic.com and music dealers that will help you sell your music to these companies but beware some of these companies charge fee's and subcription fees to keep those who are dedicated about their music and want make this as a career.


If you choose this route make sure your music sounds perfect or your just wasting your time and money. Dont worry about trying and failing. It's much simpler to get a music placement than to be actually signed.






Touring can be the most valuable way you can make money from your Mixtape . Don't think you have to play massive areas to make money, think tiny and build on your achievement. Take over your local area first.Look for little venues night clubs , and college bars are a great place to start.


Make sure you go out and look for college bars as they are always looking for acts as the social life of a college student is eventful every night not just at the weekend. Most industry hip hop artist's make money from their mixtapes or albums by touring.



Most musicians never made as much from album sales as the record company took most of the money and used the latter for promotion and recording. Simply by setting up small gigs every week you can make money from your mixtape. Get very active with your promotion .



Different to that of online, where most mixtapes are given away for free, when your at the the gig most people will like to buy a physical copy of your mixtape so make some CD\'s with some nice cover art and sell them to your new fans. All so with the benefits of touring you can even give the mixtape away for free when they purchase some merchandise like hoodies and T-shirts.






Find some one to sponsor your mixtape like a drinks company, night club or local radio. Have a shameless plug of a company might seem like "selling out" but it will take your carreer to where it needs to be. If you too worried by what every one is going to talk about you maybe the music industry isn't the right place for you.



I recall when I was in band when I was in my teenage years I saw a band that never got paid for any gig they did but had a drinks company banner hanging up at the back round of the gig for every gig.



The band said to me that It was hard to get paid gigs because this place was wasn\'t a big city ,but they made a healthy income from the drinks company who sponsored the tour with all the the  free gigs they played. You could also hit up hit up music producers who are just starting out and tell them you will place there logo and website on the cover of your Rap Mixtape or their producer tag at the start of every Rap Beats and they will sponsor you. #



You can make youtube video's and mention your sponsor at the beginning and at the end of each video if you can show your sponsor that you will be able to gain certain amount of views with in a local area the will be glad to see this as they will know that you will be promoting them on all the social networks like face book and twitter.




Youtube Revenue sharing / adsense



Put as many video's on youtube as you can and grow a fans base you should be invited to Youtube's review sharing program. Join Google adsense account and as long as your instrumental rap music is "ORIGINAL" content you can profit from the advertisements on youtube.


This all differs on your views and how popular you are, so make amazing video's to all of the original rap songs you have. Playing lots shows you will see an increase happen on your video views. Get more video view's by Join part on forums and place the video in your signature.



Uploading video's to blogs is hard work but having your video on lots of blogs that are promoting you will get your view natural growth. Find a free facebook app called bufferapp.



This will let place your youtube links in a automatic app that post your video every few hours to facebook. By Linking your face book account to your twitter account and youtube account and this will all be done automatically.



Link advertisements



This isn't my favorite one to use but if you work hard enough you can make some money out it. Site's Like Linkbucks or adf.ly are two of the most commonly used Link url ads. Basically your place the url link to your mixtape for download in their url shrink tool and it will place 10 second advertisement before your fans can download the mixtape.



Spread it all over the net like twitter and youtube should bring some money but don't expect to make a living of it.The amounts per advertisement are pretty small but if you get a couple 1000 downloads you make a couple of hundred dollars for your work. This will also go for pop up adverts which could work here too.



To take any thing from this blog think small and build on your achievements. Its about keep working every day and to try hard at what you do. There are lots of ways online to make money form your music.Keep making great hip rap mixtapes and keep building your fan base.



I hope that these 5 ways of making money from your mixtapes will help you think of other ways to make money or inspire you to take your rap mixtape and profit from it. Enjoy your music and think with your head and out of the box all these ideas of selling mixtapes and making money from a mixtape are there so you can use the money to invest in your music career. Check out my other blog on Top Mixtape sites click here.





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