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How To Promote Your Mixtapes

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How to promote your hip hop mixtapes online (Part 2)

tweet it to your followers >




When using youtube to promote your mixtape the thing with youtube is that 90% of the people who look through are looking to find content thats all ready out. So you will have to blend into the mould of current songs by either free styles to popular tracks or remixes.


Place your mixtape download link under videos.Plus use the youtube tags to your video what ever is current at the moment  and that is related to the conent of your mixtape. If you got a freestyle with one of kanyes new tracks put kanye west in the tags.


Get a Online Hip Hop Producer to remix a current song and you create your own verses and hook to the song.Like that fransico did with timbalands like you the way you are Beats. This will also help you evade the youtube copywrite and your video might not be pulled.

People on youtube like to watch things so create some low budget videos to your original songs.Your personality can really shine through here get some of your friends to do a interview of how you got into music or find other channel to interview you about your new mixtape.

The youtube commuinity is all about working together so get at some singers to do the hooks on your songs or your friends to do a verse. Set up little competitions for the best verse on your song for a small prize this will have hundreds of people promoting your mixtape thats on different mixtape sites  


Talk to everyone who responds to mixtapes video songs and get them to sub your channel.Talk to you fans regularly respond to question update them on what your doing where your playing how the gigs are going.

Place you videos as a response, under the vevo channels of the artist that you like and have similar style to you this will get you a couple of hundred views a day depending how many time you up date them to current videos.




As your following grows you may want to set up a mailing list. The mailing list will up date your fans who have signed up to your website mailing list via their email address.

Constantcontact is good email mailing list builder but will cost you. So if you feel you following isnt as big yet wait a littlbe for you get this one. But the mailing list is a very powerfull tool and will get your downloads up very fast and will give your fans instant notice of your new mixtape and download it.




Many will say myspace is dead, and to a certain extent it has dropped of the radar compared to 3 years ago but myspace is still the main music social network site in the world. Even if people have dropped off myspace this is more to your addvantage. 

Continue to use myspace as people are still discovered everyday from here and you would be a fool not to use it.Myspace still has a very active forum on there and even though most rappers singer have left you can find it more easy to promote you mixtape here in the forums and the charts have them linked back to the mixtape your promoting.




It was estimated that facebook has 750 million memembers. Facebook is the second biggest site in the world and its great place for you to get fans by posting your mixtapes and videos here and talking to fans.

Get fans to hit like button when ever you the chance. The best way promote you mixtape here is to start following people every day with simliar taste in music.

Follow people every day. Then once you have following start build hype and buzz rather than posting videos every day. Tell them that you in the studio today and you working on new song or just killed a beat today.

Tell them about who your working with at moment and competition that you have entered or are hosting. Facebook is a great way to build a rapport with fans and show them your personality give out merchandice like t-shirts with your logo and brand as a prize.

Take pictures of friends wearing your merchandice and show them links of where your sell your t-shirts....This will show that you have a following and are worth the listen for new listeners

You  can set up campagins on the side for you mixtape but I would only do this 2-3 days before the mixtape comes out because it is very costly but you can reach a target audience.

After a sucessfull campagin its good to drop of the facebook promotion of hip hop music for a little while like a month or two, to give fans a chance to digest your music you dont want to keep fans to turn on you for over promotion after you mixtape has dropped and become annoyed 




This something your just going have dig throught the internet for and network with djs on twitter and linkdin and ask them to host your mixtape. coast 2 coast mixtapes.com is a site that charges a fee to host your mixtape and distribute to radio stations and other djs.

This will really get you out there but do your homwork on the djs out there before you pay any one some many will charge you but dont have a slight clue what there doing so be carefull.




College radio is a great way to get started with promotion of your mixtape.Most college radio stations have 1000s of listeners and its easy toget them to interview you and help you if your from the local area.

Record the interview and place it on your facebook and website. Use this oppertunity to get a chance to get and article written about in the college newspaper and to play in to local bars and clubs around the campus.




Its vital after you do all this internet promotion of your mixtapes that you play some shows after to make some money or to get out there you can sell your merchantdice here. And show the fans how good you are live.

Think outside the box here,  you can give out free like lighters or keyrings or posters with your logo on it people will keep these with them at all times and may even strike up conversation with others about you over this little keyring.




Make sure that you have build a good follwing in your local area before you break out further. Play lots of shows help out with the community like charity.Get invloved with the local radio and media.

It will be more easy for you to contact a top magazine or radio station for a interview if they see that you have a large following and have many articles written about you in your locals area and worth there time in interviewing you.




Trying to get on Tv placements can be difficult but here are 

sites that will help 




try and subbmit your music here to these sites make sure that your music is off the best quality or your just wasting your time and money.

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