music marketing strategies for rappers



Music Marketing Strategies For Rappers.


The essential 101 guide for up and coming artists promoting their music online.


What is The Coporatethief Beats Blog and what can it do to help hip hop artist promoting their music online.


The Corporatethief Beats originally started out just hip hop beat selling website. It is set up by Me Daniel Hartnett Aka The Corporatethief Beats a beatmaker/music marketing blogger from Ireland.


My initial goal with my website was just to sell my rap beats to independent rap artists. Over time I started to learn a lot about music marketing, through basic trial and error.


I started to get asked a number of times by other musicians online for music marketing strategies, to help them to promote their music online.


After a number of request from rappers with the same music marketing questions, I started a blog. I then published my hip hop music marketing advice on my blog to share with other musicians.


Not only did I study 4 years of music production at the Academy of Sound in Dublin, in that same time frame I studied Digital Marketing at Dublin Business School and I received a Diploma In Digital Marketing.


I also I have articles featured on music marketing blogs like DIY CD Baby, Hypebot, Music Think Tank,
Rap Rehab, Music Industry How To and many more.

I don’t mention this to brag,
I provide this information to prove to you that my music marketing strategies
can help you promote your music. 

This music marketing guide for rappers is here to show you the essential tools and techniques. These tools and tips will help you get the best outcome from the promotion of your mixtape, album or single online.


Download My List Of Hip-Hop Blogs
and Resources.


download free music marketing for rappers guide


I give away free resources on my blog in exchange for those that subscribe to my blog. I only want to help rap artists that what to read my blog.


So I think it fair to those that do read and share my music marketing blog, get rewarded with my resources and best tips.  Here I give away my hip hop blogs cheat sheet.


This will become your Rolodex for your music marketing campaigns. This is a list of 780 hip hop blogs that you can use to promote your music too.


This list of rap blogs is more than a list. It’s my cheat sheet.  Meaning that it has detailed information on each rap blog, social links and numbers, likes and followers and links to contact information pages.


This is will make it much easier for you to promote your music online.  I have an article Here How To Release A Mixtape My Mixtape Marketing Plan which will guide you throught the process at a much more efficent rate.




Download Free Hip Hop Beats



The other resources that I give out for free on my site are two free hip hop beats that I created. You can use on them mixtapes.


These 2 free hip hop beats are just a trial version that rappers can see if they would like to buy rap beats from my website in the future.


Artists Resource List


Tools to help promote your music


The final free download I give away for joining my newsletter is that of my artist resource guide.


This is just a PDF of all the resources and tools that I use to help promote my music online. I get asked all the time what tools do I use to help promote my rap music online. So I created this PDF to download for free to show rappers what tools they need to help promote their mixtapes online.



Music marketing Strategies For Rappers



This is one of the first music marketing strategies for rappers. Having your own website is like building your own home.

A Website Is Basecamp.


Yes you will need social networking websites to help promote your music as well. But I fear that too many rappers abandon their own websites because social networking websites appear FREE.


You don’t own or control your Facebook Page. It belongs to Facebook. You are just allowed to use your Facebook page.  Myspace is always the example people use to prove that Social Networking Sites can lose their appeal.


Below is the first video in the How Start A Website Step By Series.  




If you want to continue with the FREE How To Start A Website Video Course Click HereMost of my websites are hosted with Bluehost. With all the website training courses out here most of them recommend Bluehost.  


The main reason is due to their easy of use and quick 1 click install. It’s cheap and easy to use and they have and excellent support team. I would always recommend Bluehost for anyone starting a new website today.




Email Marketing 101 For Musicians


Email Marketing For Musicians and How to promote music with email


The second music marketing strategy, I urge rappers to undertake is to start an email fan newsletter. Like what I mentioned above with setting up a website, many rappers don’t market their music with email anymore.


“Again the perception is that social networking websites are for free

and I don’t need to pay for an email newsletter.”  


Organic reach on the main social websites will cost you ten fold every single time. Facebook will not give you any organic reach to links off Facebook’s site.


So if you want to promote your video or Soundcloud link on Facebook you will need to boost that post every single time.  If you have an email list you only pay the monthly charge for your email provider, not for every time you need to contact them.


Email has a number of benefits I cover most of them here is this article Email Marketing For Musicians.




You can just take the FREE Email Marketing Video Course For Musicians.


This Is Video 1 of the How Start A Fan Mail List Course


email marketing for musicians with aweber


Since I have started my own online music business I have used Aweber as my email marketing software.


It is vital for any online business to have an email list to reach out to their fans. If I had one piece of advice for any artist starting out today I would strongly urge them to start an email list today.


You can start with Aweber today with a Free 30 Day Trial.  




Selling exlcusive rap beats


Did You Come To My Website To Buy Rap Beats For Your Mixtapes?


Most of the rap beats I create are made on Logic Pro X.


I did start with FL Studio Years back but I gradually migrated to Logic Pro X and Pro Tools due to my Music Production Studies at Galway Technical and The Academy of Sound Dublin.


I qualified in Music Technology and Sound Engineering from The Academy of Sound in 2015 with A Higher Diploma.  


Here are the options that you have for purchasing hip hop beats from my website.


My Main Beat Store


professional rap beats for sale


Beat Prices $17.99 –  $47 Lease Rights

Exclusive Beat Prices Vary from Beat To Beat.  


Example Of My Beats


This has all of my current hip hop beats and my new releases on here. If you want current hip-hop beats straight out of the oven, this is the main place to buy beats from my website.


I create beats in all different types of genres. Trap Beats, Hip Hop Beats, Pop Beats, Electro Hip Hop Beats and New School Instrumentals.


Some notable Beats Include Drake Type Beats, Rick Ross Type Beats and Future Type Beats.


My Rap Beats Clearance Store


low cost rap beats


Beat Price Range $6.99 To $27 Lease Rights

Exclusive Rights Beats Starting From $299.99


These are slightly older hip hop beats. But this doesn’t mean less quality.


Example Of Clearance Store Beats 


In each beat player I have only a certain amount of room for beats. So my newer beats are the main beat store and my older beats are here in the clearance store.


Some of the beats here have over a 100,000 views on Youtube with main likes a good feedback. The main benefit with buying rap beats here is that you get a much better discount on these type of beats.


Exclusive Beats Are Much Cheaper Here in this store. If you want to buy exclusive right beats click here.


Some Notable Beats Include Dr Dre Type Beat and { Liquid } Trap Type Beat



Free Music Marketing Tools Course.


how to promote music online effectively


When I gave out my artist resource guide to rappers, I also created a series of 11 video tutorials.


These video tutorials showed rappers how to promote their rap music with these tools.  Some of these tools are paid tools, some are free and are trail only. It’s up to you if you need these tools to help you promote your music or not.


The main reason we use tool to help promote our music is to make your music marketing strategies more efficient.  Sometimes we can end up spending hours on a task that just task two minutes with a specific tool.


Click Here If you want to take my free video course on Music Music Marketing Tools.




Twitter Music Marketing Machines Course


twitter music marketing

sell beats like a pro review


This is a 10 part video course giving you tools and strategies, on how to find Twitter followers, Build A Real Twitter Following,

Create Automation Systems With Twitter Tools and Promote Your Music.


The main goal of this course is to find artists who are stuck with their music marketing on Twitter.  


Then to give them a direction on how to use Twitter as a music marketing machine.

Rather than waste time carrying out mundane tasks that don’t lead to any results.


My Twitter Music Marketing Machine Video Course

Twitter Music Marketing Machine Video Course Breakdown:


Turning Your Twitter In A Music Marketing Machine


Find Fans | Build A Following | Create Automation Systems | Promote Your Music 


This is a 10 part video course giving you tools and strategies, on how to find Twitter followers, Build A Real Twitter Following,

Create Automation Systems With Twitter Tools and Promote Your Music.

The main goal of this course is to find artists who are stuck with their music marketing on Twitter.  


Then to give them a direction on how to use Twitter as a music marketing machine.

Rather than waste time carrying out mundane tasks that don’t lead to any results.

My Twitter Music Marketing Machine Video Course


Twitter Music Marketing Machine Video Course Breakdown: 


 ✅Video 1 : Covers Finding Targeted Followers {With Tools}

 ✅Video 2: Covers Finding Targeted  Followers {With Tools}

✅Video 3: Cover Building A Following {With Tools}

✅Video 4: The Music Marketing Machine Set Up Strategies

✅Video 5: The Golden Nugget The Twitter Music Marketing Machine

✅Video 6: The 2nd Golden Nugget Advanced Twitter Automation Strategies.

✅Video 7: Additional Ideas For Automation Continuation From Video 6

✅Video 8: The Ice Breaker Method: Taking Advantage of The Auto DM feature on Twitter

✅ Video 9: Recap / My Own Personal Opinions and Advice For Using Twitter To Promote Your Music . 


{Content Duration 2 Hour 20 mins}

My Twitter Music Marketing Machine Video Course



My Mixtape Marketing Podcast   


Music Marketing Podcast 17


This is a podcast that I created to get advice from other music marketing experts online.


I carried out over 20 interviews with music marketing episodes where I interviewed music marketing experts, Coast 2 Coast DJ’s , Ghostwriters, Rappers Selling Features, Mixtape Site Owners, and of course I share my own music promotion tips here too.


The main reason for a podcast is that audio is much more versatile compared to a written blog post which is stuck my website.


Anyone can download an MP3 and listen to the music marketing strategies for rappers when they are ready to consume the information.


I highlighted some of the episode of The Mixtape Marketing Podcast Here.

The first one is an interview with Darius Burgen from A hip hop music marketing blogger who shares his music marketing knowledge with other musicians online.


The second interview is that with Pat Para. Pat is a rapper who teaches other up and coming rappers how to freestyle rap. He has though in College, schools and online. If you want to learn how to freestyle rap check out Pat Para Course On Udemy. 




Music Marketing Articles From

My Blog To Help You Promote Your Music Online.


How to release a mixtape


Email Marketing For Musicians: 10 Step Guide For Marketing Your Music With Email


Email Marketing For Musicians and How to promote music with email


In this article I show you how to build an email list with 10 different video using the same email marketing software Aweber that I use.


How To Release A Mixtape Online: {My Mixtape Marketing Plan}


How to release mixtape online my mixtape marketing plan


This is one the best music marketing articles I have ever written on this blog. The post is very long but packed with information to help you release a mixtape online.


Hip Hop Blogs [10 Step Guide] How To Get Featured on Rap Sites


hip hop blogs how to featured on rap blogs guide


This was something that I struggled with when I started out. I found it very difficult to learn how to approach rap blogs and get my music featured on them.


Over time and trial and error I got better and much more efficient. In this article


  • I give you tips on how to work smarter
  • I give you tips on how to be more efficient
  • I teach you how to get help with reaching out to bloggers.
  • And I give you a template example of how to write to rap bloggers so that you get a response.


The tips I give in this post is to help any rapper with their hip hop music promotion, especially with the power that other hip hop blogs can give you.
This is growth hacking 101 and I feel that this is a music marketing strategy for rappers and other musicians that read my blog.



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