List Of Rap Blogs (700+) To Submit Mixtapes Too Part 8 - The Corporatethief Beats


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How to use my hip hop blogs list to help
you release your mixtapes online

I have created a list of rap blogs, 700+ to be exact, for you to use in the promotion of your mixtape online. Click the link above to visit my website here you will see where you can sign up and download that list of hip-hop blogs to use in your music marketing.

It's hard trying to figure out how to approach these hip hop blogs so I also created a blog post
to help you here.

How To Get Feature On Rap Blogs -->

This blog post shows you how to approach the gatekeepers and how to submit your mixtapes to these hip hop blogs.So sites have very strict guidelines that are why I created, the post above to help you follow the rules that each of these sites has.

If you don't follow the rules put by the rap blogger, you will burn that relationship that you are trying to build in the first place.

The cheat sheet that I am giving you doesn't just start list of rap blogs to submit music too. It's a CSV file with detailed information on each blog.

Plus with a spreadsheet, you have the ability to edit the list to your music marketing needs. With standard PDF you will be stuck with an outdated list of blogs.You can edit this list as you use it when you drop your mixtape online and you want to build up some buzz.

Resource For You !

We've put together a video series for you, which covers everything you saw in the video in more detail and also includes a step by step guide, to make things even easier for you!


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