Building An Instagram Following Part 4

Here is another way to find targeted very and specific people on Instagram. Here I will show you how to find hashtags that are popular on Instagram are keywords that normally hip-hop artists use in their name or their biography on the description area on Instagram.


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Before I continue, please make sure to check out Follow Adder Tutorials Part 1 , Grow Your Instagram Followers Part 2 and Finding real active Instagram Followers Part 3 before you watch this one here. As I have skipped some of the basic functions here as it was getting repetitive in the video. To get best results or a more quality follower base on Instagram pleases start at the very beginning of the follow adder tutorial series.


I noticed that allot of hip-hop artists tend to use the word bookings and features a lot in their descriptions of their Instagram account.They tend to use the same keywords over and over again that other industry rappers use in their bio’s.


rappers put bookings and features in description box



A lot of rappers tend to call themselves “Young Artist Name” Or “Kid Artist Artist” in their names. This is the research I carried out. Since I’m a beat maker, I am targeting hip hop artists.These words like KID and Young before the rappers name are commonly associated with hip hop artists. So these keywords are very specific to my Instagram Follower targeting.


rapper name kid

Already here I have created the keyword or the hashtags list on follow adder. Already the list been populated as you can see before you in the video. All these people that have used the word the keyword or have used the hashtag in their bio.

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Using keywords or Hashtags are a great way to get new followers on Instagram. But only if you do the right research on the type of followers you want in the first place.


hashtag datpiff


There’s very specific people will only use the word hashtag #Datpiffmixtapes. More often it is used by rappers or hip hop artists. These are the people we Follower adder will follow and hope that 20 – 30 percent follow use back as they might be interested in the same kind of content.


Making Sure You Are Targeting The Right Keyword and Hashtags On Instagram


As I mentioned a thousand times now it’s up to you find similar rap artist that create a similar type of music. Tend target the keywords they use or the hashtags they use so that you will grow a similar type of follower base on Instagram.


Like, for example, most Drake fans will have the KEYWORD “ DRAKE FAN “ in the bios on Instagram. Others might tweet popular hashtags Drake uses. Like the #viewsfromthesixth is a great one to target as it’s current right and you can be sure those people are active users. Also, they have the similar interest in the music Drake creates. So if you create beats or music like drake this is a good place to start.


drake fan page


As you can see in the video I found the #datpiffmixtapes. Then I added the hashtag to follow adder to start finding all of these people. Once Follow has populated a list of users to follow you just go to the follow section in follow adder , select your new list and turn on the follow automation.


This is the exact same process for the using the keyword targeting, just make sure to select keyword in the search section in to follow adder. Also, try it out with a number of good targeted keywords for best results. There are other ways of targeting people with the following added , you can even use location targeting which I feel would be great for early promotion. When you are just starting out and you want to get the word out about your shows.


Also, if you are familiar with your stats and you have sold a lot of tickets to a show in a specific location, using the location targeting will be greatly beneficial.


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